How to Locate a Roof Leak

Along with your four walls, your roof is the most important part of your home’s structure. It protects you from the winds here in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and it ensures the sun’s rays stay at bay during the hot summer months. Your roof shelters you from the chaos of our world and ensures your family and fur babies stay warm, dry, and comfortable.

That being said, all roofs will eventually wear out, and one of the first signs of roof repair is a leaky roof. But how do you spot a roof leak?

4Ever Metal Roofing in Fort Wayne offers the best residential metal roofing services, including installation, repair, and maintenance. In addition, we offer vinyl siding and gutter installation as well. Below, we’ll go over how to locate a roof leak. Contact our local roofing company to get started today!


Follow the Trail

Most people don’t know their roof is leaking until they see signs of a roof leak. The most common sign of a roof leak is water stains in your ceiling or down your walls. In order to find a leak, take note of which room these water stains are in, which will narrow down which part of the roof the leak is coming from. Other signs of a roof leak include the sound of dripping water, musty odors in certain rooms, or bulging spots in your ceiling. These, too, can help you narrow down which part of your roof the leak is at.

Check Your Attic

Since you suspect a roof leak, the next step is to venture forth to your attic. You’ll most likely need a flashlight and maybe a ladder. Be extremely careful where you walk so you don’t put a hole in your roof from your weight so aim for the wood rafters as much as possible. You can look for water stains, mold, or black marks. This can lead you to the location of the leak itself. If exposed nails are the culprits of a roof leak, clip them to end the problem.

Sally Forth to the Roof

It’s time to inspect the roof if you still can’t find the leak. This entails being extremely careful climbing up your ladder. It’s best to have someone help you steady the ladder as well. It may be obvious, such as if you see a damaged shingle. However, it will probably be difficult to see with the untrained eye. Thus, one solution is to have someone stay in the attic while you pour water on the area you’ve narrowed the roof leak down to so they can see the water drip itself.

Call Your Local Roofing Company for Repairs

4Ever Metal Roofing is a local residential roofing contractor in Fort Wayne who can repair your roof in a jiffy, especially once you’ve confirmed it is indeed a roof leak and where it is exactly. We’ll send out our team of expert roofers to patch it up straight away. Roof leaks can damage the structural integrity of your roof quite quickly. Don’t wait. Call our local roofing company today!