Important Features of Metal Roof Fasteners

One of the biggest appeals to a metal roof is the fact that they are extremely durable, which allow them to provide your home with an efficient and long-lasting roofing solution. However, if your metal roof is not installed correctly or the improper materials are used, it can compromise these benefits and leave you needing a new roof yet again.

At 4Ever Metal Roofing in Fort Wayne, our team of experts use nothing but the best when it comes to roofing materials, including advanced fasteners. Cutting corners on your metal roof fasteners may reduce costs, but it will result in inefficiencies in your roofing system. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss the different parts of a properly designed fastener and what features they should contain. Contact our 4Ever Metal Roofing team today for more information!


Starting at the top, the head of your metal roof fasteners needs to be prominent and well-designed to assist the socket in properly grasping and controlling the fastener as it is placed into the roof.

Additionally, the head should create an overlaying shield for the washers beneath it. This creates extra protection from water and other harmful elements that may cause damage to the fastener and compromise the durability of your roof.


Below the head you will find a combination of a metal washer followed by a rubber washer. These are both vital in the effectiveness of your metal roof fasteners as the metal washer provides stability, while the rubber washer creates a seal to stop water from making its way into your roof.


Some may think that the threading doesn’t matter that much on your metal roof fasteners. However, not having proper threading will result in a number of possible issues occurring to compromise the effectiveness of your roof.

High and low threads work together to create a tight and proper fit as you install the fastener into your roof. The main job of this threading is to keep the fastener from backing out of your roof over time. When fasteners back out of your roof, it allows water to run through the hole and cause damage to your roof decking.

Beyond the high and low threads, you will want metal roof fasteners that are equipped with aster threading as well. This type of threading is specifically designed to help the fastener cut through even the toughest of materials, such as metal and dense knots in the decking and beams of your roof. Without this advanced threading, you could face damages to your metal roofing panels from fasteners bending during installation as well as lack of a proper seal due to the fastener not entering far enough into the roof.


While small, the design of the fastener’s point is one of the most vital features that any type of fastener must contain. A poorly designed or shaped point can affect the way the entire fastener enters into the roof, solely determining the effectiveness and efficiency of your metal roof fastener. You want to ensure that the point will properly pierce through the metal panel and guide the rest of the fastener into the roof.

4Ever Metal Roofing

Our team of licensed and insured roofers use fasteners that are leading the industry in material and design to ensure, which enables us to offer a  lifetime guarantee. At 4Ever Metal Roofing in Fort Wayne, we are dedicated to providing you nothing but the best when it comes to your metal roofing system. Contact us today for a free consultation to take the next step towards a lifetime roofing solution for your home!