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Investing in a new roof is a large purchase, and it’s probably one of the larger purchases you will make over your lifetime next to a home. Not only does a new roof protects your family from the natural elements, but it also adds curb appeal to your home’s appearance.

A new roof can also increase the overall value of your home, which is nice if you plan on selling it in the next few years. You expect your roof investment to last you decades.

One of the biggest decisions when getting a new roof has to do with the materials. Which material will you choose for your new roof? You can go cost-effective and quick with asphalt shingles. Or, you can go with a long lifespan and expensive price tag with slate.

Instead of spending less money lesser product or paying more for bragging rights, why not get a metal roofing system? It’s cost effective, lasts you decades, and makes roof maintenance virtually non-existent.


You deserve a roof you can be proud of. You deserve a roof you can feel safe beneath. And you deserve an affordable lifetime roofing solution. That’s why 4Ever Metal Roofing offers the Guard Plus metal roofing system to homeowners like you in Fort Wayne. Here are the benefits of the 4Ever Metal Guard Plus roofing system:



The 4Ever Guard Plus roofing system can last decades. It’s unique metal fastening and overlay system gives it extra durability and sustained strength over time. It’s less prone to wind damage, which results in reduce maintenance or repair bills later on down the road — if you need to repair it. The low maintenance and long lifespan metal materials are a great investment for your home.



Did you know that metal roofing systems can be recycled? Did you know that many of the current metal panels are partially made from recycled metal? When it comes to most other roofing materials like asphalt shingles or tar, they are not recyclable. This can be a huge concern for the environment. Steel, on the other hand, is 100% recyclable. Treat the earth and yourself!


Acrylic Coating

If you want to improve the performance and aesthetics of your metal roof you can get acrylic coating. This increases the roofs durability above it’s already increased strength. What’s more, the coating is essentially invisible, so it adds more without ruining the curb appeal of the color or style of metal roof you install. We want to provide the most durable and long lasting options possible!


Siphon Grooves

For most homeowners, the grooves of their metal roofs are a concern. Grooves are where the wind and rain can get in or damage the metal. When you choose to work with 4Ever Metal Roofing, we offer metal roofing that has a specially designed siphon groove, a technology that defends against wind or rain getting beneath your panels at the overlap. This keeps metal roofs on homes for longer!


You probably know what goes into installing a metal roof, but what you probably didn’t know is what goes into making all the materials work together to create an advanced metal roof system. Below, you will find facts about each of the materials 4Ever Metal Roofing relies on to get you the best metal roofing system in the nation.


The largest piece to the metal roofing system, metal panels start as two primary components: substrate and coating. The substrate comes in a variety of combinations. The coating also offers you many different options to get you the roof you love.


Metal panels get a coat to protect them and add color. This coating is similar to paint but with much stronger resilience to the natural elements like ultraviolet light, wind, rain, debris, and more. The coating also protects from debris scratching the panels. Over time, however, the coating will fade, which means in a few decades, you’ll need to consider replacing your roof or re-coating it.



  1. Once the metal sheet is created, its surface is cleaned to prepare it for paint. Hot, heavy duty alkaline cleaner is used to get it ready for paint.
  2. Once clean, the metal surface is then treated with a zinc phosphate and chromates to enhance the paint adhesion process.
  3. A coat of paint is then added to the metal to add protection and aesthetic appeal.


To hold your metal roof onto your home, metal fasteners are used. They are positioned at the base eave, ridge, and lap, two inches on either side of any major ribs. Typically, these fasteners are placed 24-48 inches on center. The fasteners are like screws but they have rubber seals to protect the metal and your home from rain leaking through.


Did you know that you can add extra finishes to your metal roofing to increase its durability and aesthetic appeal. That’s right! You can improve your metal roof by simply adding a finishing coat to it. Here are the colors and finishes offered to homeowners like you across Fort Wayne:

If you want your roof to be durable, last longer, and save you money on utilities, get your metal roof finished.


You want a new roof for your home. You need to find a roofer that can install your roof properly. And you’re interested in getting the best deal possible for your materials and labor.

You probably know that you have dozens of roofers and materials to choose from, but what you probably didn’t know is that there are less than three materials that will last longer than metal. What’s more metal offers you decades of roof protection at a fraction of the cost of these other three materials. Dozens of other materials offer shorter lifespans and are not as cost effective as metal roofing.

When you consider a new roof for your home, you’re looking for more than the best roofing contractor, superior materials, and unprecedented workmanship. You’re looking for a roof that will protect your family and make your home look great. If you haven’t already experienced it, neighbor envy is real, and we bet you’ll love the feeling when your entire street asks you about your new roof.

With all that being said, you may be interested in metal roofing for your home. But before you dive into all the specifics, let’s find out if you and 4Ever Metal Roofing would be a good fit together. Here’s why you should choose us for your metal roof:



The 4Ever Metal Roofing team has 25+ years of combined experience in the industry. From metal sheet purchasing to installing roofs and roof maintenance, our company can help you from “I need a new roof” to “I love my new roof.” We’re here to get you the metal roof you deserve.



When it comes to customer service and workmanship, companies all over Indiana say the same thing, “we’re the best!” But how do you know they are telling the truth? At 4Ever Metal Roofing, we guarantee our work because we will do whatever it takes to satisfy your needs. This means when we install our roofs, we do not intend to come back and fix or repair them. They last for decades because of the material strength and our proper installation of the material.



Most roofing companies avoid their customers after the project has been completed. What’s more, it’s super tough to get most roofing companies on the phone to offer them money for a project. This is an all-too-familiar hurdle you and other homeowners in Fort Wayne encounter frequently.



When you choose to partner with 4Ever Metal Roofing, we focus on educating you in the available metal roofing materials on the market. Our mission is to help you make the best decision possible, not sell you a roofing solution because we offer one. We want you to get you the best roof possible and have you feel good about the decision. That’s why we offer lifetime roofing solutions so that we can deliver on our promise: to offer and deliver the highest grade materials, the correct installation methods, the best warranties, fair pricing and unmatched effort to provide customer satisfaction throughout the entire process.



How many warranties have you been sold that delivered little to no value when you needed them most? It’s a common problem with roofing to offer a warranty that actually covers the customer. 4Ever Metal Roofing believes in taking care of the customer first, so we offer a lifetime transferable limited warranty to keep you, your family, and your roof safe.