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4Ever Metal Roofing operates out of Northeast Indiana and services the Tri-State area with over 25 years of combined experience. In an industry that has seen quality materials, workmanship, and integrity take a back seat to massive profits, our main objective is to educate the customer first, so that when it comes time to replace their roof, they can rest assured that they will be making an educated decision and choosing the right roofing contractors for the job. Our promise to our customers is that we will offer and deliver the highest grade materials, the correct installation methods, the best warranties, fair pricing, and unmatched effort to provide customer satisfaction throughout the entire process.

  • Lifetime Transferable Limited Warranty
  • Warranty transfers to all future owners with no transfer fee
  • Heat Barrier Finishes reflect radiant heat even in dark colors
  • Product lines with 40 – 50 years of field use
  • Caring Customer Support Team always available to help homeowners
  • Available concealed fasteners for beauty and weather-tightness
  • Wide range of colors to meet today’s home design trends
  • Experienced and trained installer network

Our Services

We offer your home the complete protection it needs. With four different levels of shingle and metal roofing systems, you can rest assured that we have the right option to fit your budget. A metal roof provides your home protection that will last many years beyond your average asphalt shingles and doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance.

Here at 4Ever Metal Roofing, we also offer free gutter installation with the purchase of any metal roofing system. Gutters are a pertinent part of your roof and home as they guide the water off the roof and into a specific destination. This stops water from pooling near your foundation — posing a risk of damage and flooding.

Lastly, our team, at 4Ever Metal Roofing in Fort Wayne, offers siding services for your home. While your home’s roof takes the brunt of damage and wear, your siding is also subject to harm during storms. If siding is damaged, it allows water and other harmful elements to reach the inner framework of your home, which can lead to very extensive and expensive repairs.

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